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HZS25 Concrete Batching Plant

Model:HZS25    Mixer:JS500    Concrete batching plant capacity:25m³/h

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● What is concrete batching plant?

The HZS25 concrete batching plant in this article is a simple small concrete batching plant with automatic material feeding function. This concrete batching plant for sale is a skip hoist type concrete batching plant, it is mainly consist of JS500 forced mixer, material feeding system, batching machine, electrical controls and steel structure.

The HZS25 mini concrete batching plant is a stationary concrete batching plant, the components of concrete batching plant include: double horizontal shaft mixer, material batching machine, cement silo for concrete batching plant, screw conveyor and microcomputer control room. This small concrete batching plant for sale uses JS series double horizontal shaft forced mixer, can produce many kindly of concrete such as plastic concrete, dry hard concrete etc., HZS25 small concrete batching plant has high production efficiency and a short mixing time, and also a beautiful appearance. This small concrete batching plant is widely used in the small scale building construction, road and bridges, and precast plant which produce the concrete products. It is an ideal equipment for the commercial concrete production.

The theoretical productivity of HZS25 concrete batching plant equipment is 25m³/h, the power of the mixer is 18.5KW, the nominal capacity of the mixer is 500L. The batching machine hopper quantity has 2,3,4 hoppers to be choose from, batching capacity is 800L. The cement silo capacity is 50/80t,the capacity of powder silo: cement weighing range and accuracy is (0~1500)±1%kg, admixture weighing range and accuracy is (0~50)±1%kg, aggregate accuracy is ±2%, the discharging height is 3.8m, total power is 58KW, to meet the production demands.

● Concrete batching plant working principle

In this part, we will introduce concrete batching plant process and how does a concrete batching plant work. The aggregate enter the measure hopper from the discharging port of the aggregate hopper of the batching machine for measurement, after measurement, it will be unloaded onto the running flat belt, and then be sent onto the conveyor, the conveyor will send them into the hopper (which is on the upper part of the mixer) and waiting for the instructions. At the same time, cement and fly ash are transported to their own metering hoppers for measurement by the screw conveyors, water and admixtures are transported to their metering hoppers by water pump and admixture pump. After the measurement of various materials is completed, the control system of the concrete batching plant will give orders to feeding materials into the mixer in sequence for mixing. After finish mixing, open the discharge door of the mixer, and the concrete is discharged into the conveyor through the discharge hopper, and then start the next work cycle.

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● Advantages of automatic concrete batching plant

1. High working efficiency: This automatic concrete batching plant is equipped with a JS forced double horizontal shaft concrete mixer, it can be used as a dry mix concrete batching plant, wet concrete batching plant, to produce a variety kinds of concrete such as plastic concrete, dry-hard concrete, etc., with high production efficiency;

2. Excellent quality: The key concrete batching plant parts (such as mixing arms, blades, liners, spindles, etc.) are made of good raw material;

3. High calculation accuracy: This compact concrete batching plant is an automatic concrete batching plant, it adopts the latest design electronic weighing, microcomputer control, digital display and other control technologies. The electronic weighing is equipped with buffer device and automatic compensation function to achieve high measurement accuracy;

4. Low dust: Our mini concrete batching plant for sale use pulse type electric dust removal, which has a large dust removal area, and better effect and is more friendly to the environment;

5. Low noise: The discharge door of the stationary concrete batching plant for sale is controlled by hydraulic oil pump, it has 3 stop points and open manually, to achieve low noise. The complete concrete production from measurement to mixing and discharging is in a fully enclosed, which is Very environmentally friendly;

6. Excellent mixing effect: The plate and blade of the cement concrete batching plant are made of high-chromium wear-resistant cast iron, the angle design is very reasonable, it has good mixing effect and high speed, mixing time is short, the mixing of concrete is very evenly. The concrete batching plant components have long service life, the concrete batching plant operation and concrete batching plant repair are also very convenient.

● Concrete batching plant specification

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Concrete batching plant equipment Concrete batching plant Model HZS25
theoretical productivity (m³/h) 25
discharging height (m) 1.5-3.8
Working cycle time (S) 72
Dimension (mm)(L*W*H) 11693×13060×17245
Total power (kw) 50.25
Mixer Model JS500
Batching machine Model PLD1200
Pneumatic system Air compressor model 1.0-7
Rated exhaust volume (m³/min) 1.67
Rated exhaust pressure (MPa) 0.8
Motor power (kw) 5.5
Weighing system Aggregate weighing accuracy range (kg) ± 2%
Cement weighing accuracy (kg) ± 1%
Water weighing accuracy (kg) ± 1%
Admixture weighing accuracy (kg) ± 2%

● HZS25 compact concrete batching plant application

The HZS25 (concrete batching plant machine is equipped with JS500 forced mixer, the theoretical concrete batching plant capacity is 25m³/h, the actual concrete batching plant capacity is 18m³/h, if works 8 hours one day, the annual concrete batching plant capacity can reach 40,000 m³. The area required for concrete batching plant HZS25 is around 15m*12m, including raw materials (such as sand and gravel), office area, parking area, etc., it will take around 3 acres (equal to 2000 square meters) place. This type of concrete batching plant is widely used in small scale urban construction projects, small construction site, infrastructure construction such as two-floors buildings, road construction, small tunnel, commercial concrete production plants, etc.

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● Concrete batching plant model number explanation

The common concrete batching plant specification includes:

● Small concrete batching plant: HZS25, HZS30, HZS50;
● Medium sized concrete batching plant: HZS60, HZS75, HZS90;
● Large concrete batching plant equipment: HZS120, HZS180, HZS240, HZS300;

The model number (such as HZS25, JZS75. HZS200. etc.) includes the following meaning:
1. The numbers represent the concrete batching plant capacity, for example, “25” means the HZS25 compact concrete batching plant can produce 25 m³ concrete per hour, “75” means the HZS75 concrete batching plant equipment can produce 75 m³ concrete per hour, “120” means the HZS120 concrete batching plant machine can produce 120 m³ concrete per hour.

2. The first two letters represent the types of concrete batching plant, “HZ” means concrete batching plant, “HL” means concrete mixing building.

3. The third letter indicates the type of mixer. “S” is double horizontal shaft mixer, “D” is single horizontal shaft mixer, “T” means planetary mixer, “W” means vortex type mixer, “F” means conical inclined discharging type mixer, “Z” means conical reversing discharging type mixer.

● Technical requirements of HZS25 concrete batching plant operation

The main components of concrete batching plant HZS25 are JS500 forced concrete mixer and PLD800 batching machine.

The dust collected on the forced mixer wall and the concrete which left on the discharge port of the mixer should be washed with water, if necessary, a small quantity stone and water can be poured and mix for a few minutes and then release them. Clean the admixture tanks and system with water. If it is in winter, should release all the water and admixtures in the water pump, admixture pump, water tank, admixture tank, water pipe and admixture pipe to avoid the damages to the pump and pipes. And stat the admixture pump of the concrete batching plant water pump to make it run for 1 to 2 minutes.

When the mixer brackets are at standard height, the track should be extended by 3220mm, and the steel wire rope need be lengthened 2 times more accordingly. The 60-degree slope of the foundation will be constructed after the track is installed, the foundation wall will be built with bricks, the footing of the mixer and batching machine should be built by bricks or poured concrete piers. The thickness of the base layer is depended on the geological conditions. The side should build walking steps, for the areas with underground water, should install the drainage devices or ditches in the lower areas.

Forced mixer is equipped with admixture and water metering tanks, as an important part of complete concrete batching plant equipment, it requires users to do maintenance carefully.

● What is the small concrete batching plant cost?

The more commonly used small concrete batching plant includes HZS25 and HZS30. The small concrete batching plant is mostly used in civil buildings, roads, etc.
The concrete batching plant capacity of HZS25 can reach 25m³/h. The theoretical productivity of forced mixer JS500 is greater than or equal to 25m³/h, so it is very suitable to be the mixer of HZS25 mini concrete batching plant. It can not only save cost, but also can fully meet the production requirement of HZS25 concrete batching plant machine. The investment of complete equipment is around 20,000 dollars.

In the same way, HZS35 concrete batching plant machine should be equipped with a mixer which has a capacity of 35m³/h, the JS750 mixer can meet this requirement very well. The components of concrete batching plant equipment of HZS35 include JS750 mixer, PLD1200 batching machine, cement silo, screw conveyor, weight system, electronic control, etc. the investment of complete equipment will be around 40,000 dollars.

● How many cement silos are needed for a concrete batching plant?

The quantity of cement silo for concrete batching plant is determined according to the type of concrete required by the customer. Different concrete types require different concrete powders. Different concrete batching plant equipment models have different mixer models, the capacities of each silo are also different. The concrete batching plant components, the quantity and size of the cement silos are different too. The exactly quantity of cement silo for concrete batching plant needs to be determined according to the customer actually situation.

Generally speaking, the standard configuration of HZS25, HZS35, HZS50, HZS60 concrete batching plant needs to be equipped with two of 50L/100L cement silos, one for cement and one for fly ash. If the project of customer needs 3 types of powder materials, the concrete batching plant equipment should be equipped with 3 cement silos. And for the large and medium sized on site concrete batching plant, the cement silos are generally double-unit.

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