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HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant

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● Concrete batching plant meaning

What is a concrete batching plant? The concrete batching plant is a large-scale concrete production equipment, it can mix cement, aggregate, fly ash and other raw materials evenly to form concrete, and then transport the finished concrete to the construction site through conveying equipment. The concrete batching plant equipment can meet the demands of concrete on construction site and it plays a very important role in the construction of various large-scale concrete projects.

● Concrete batching plant specification

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Concrete batching plant Model HZS60
theoretical productivity (m³/h) 60m³/h
discharging height (m) 4m
Mixer JS1000
Mixing power 2x18.5kw
Max. particle size of aggregate (mm) 60mm
Aggregate hopper capacity 3x10m³
Batching machine PLD1600
Fly ash weighing range (kg) 200-600kg
Fly ash weighing accuracy ±1%
Water weighing range (kg) 150-300kg
Water weighing accuracy ±1%
Aggregate weighing range (kg) 600-3000kg
Aggregate weighing accuracy ± 2%
Admixture weighing range (kg) 10-20kg
Admixture weighing accuracy ± 1%

● Concrete batching plant process flow

Let’s see how concrete batching plant works. The concrete batching plant process flow includes the raw material feeding, mixing, and conveying and other steps.
1. Put the raw materials such as aggregate, cement, fly ash, etc. into the hopper with a certain ratio, and then transport them into the measuring hopper through the screw conveyor.

2. Control the start and stop of the measuring hopper by PLC control system, then can get a precise weight of each material, and they will be sent to the mixer for mixing. With the function of the mixing device inside of the mixer, the materials will be mixed fully, and then form a uniform mixture.

3. Send the mixture into the tank truck or the concrete construction equipment through the conveying equipment and then transport to the construction site for use.

● Concrete batching plant components

The components of concrete batching plant generally include mixer, batching machine, conveyor and control system etc.

1. Mixer: The mixer of HZS60 concrete batching plant is JS1000 forced concrete mixer, with good mixing effect and high mixing efficiency.

2. Batching machine: Adopt PLD1600 batching machine to weigh the raw materials (cement, aggregate, fly ash, etc.), with accurate measurement and high production efficiency.

3. The measurement of cement, water and liquid admixture is done by electronic scale, with high accuracy.

4. conveyor: water supply system adopts the water pump pressure principle to speed up the water flow and spray evenly; the aggregate supply adopts a track lift device, which has long service life, high work efficiency and only takes a small area.

5. Control system: The main components of electronic control system are all famous brands, with excellent performance and the operation and use is very convenient.

The whole concrete batching plant equipment is very beautiful, the Installation and disassemble of the concrete batching plant equipment is very simple, this make the concrete batching plant repair and concrete batching plant parts replacement be more convenient. All the weighing scale adopt independent measurement, each scale has a independent display, improve the measurement accuracy. The transportation, measurement and pouring process of the powders are in enclosed environment, eliminates dust completely. The transmission mechanism of the concrete batching plant machine has reliable performance and transmission stable, this greatly reduce the noise during the construction. The advanced control system has the smallest fault diagnosis system of the world, which can guide and help users to do the troubleshooting. The automatic concrete batching plant is a equipment specially used for concrete production, it is widely used in the fields such as construction engineering, roads, water conservancy project etc.

  • types of concrete batching plant

    Cement supply is smooth
    When discharge the materials, open the discharge valve at the bottom of the cement silo first, and then the cement will be transported through the screw conveyor.

  • what is concrete batching plant

    High automation degree
    The storage system, weighing system, conveying system, water and electricity, mixing system and control system are integrated.

  • <dry concrete batching plant

    Installation and disassemble convenient
    The concrete batching plant operation is simple, the installation and disassemble are very convenient, can moving fast, It is a compact concrete batching plant with reasonable space layout and good mixing performance.

HZS60 concrete batching plant is an automatic concrete batching plant equipment, the main concrete batching plant uses are mixing the raw materials such as cement, sand, gravel and water etc., make them into uniform concrete through mixing of mixer. This concrete mixture can directly use at the construction site, it can be used for houses building, roads, bridges, docks and other construction projects. Automatic concrete batching plant has below advantages:

1. Good mixing effect. The concrete after mixing has high quality and uniform proportion.
2. High production efficiency, can meet the concrete supply demands of large scale construction projects.
3. The concrete batching plant operation is simple and convenient. The stationary concrete batching plant can achieve the switching between fully automatic, semi automatic and manual operation working modes.
4. The stationary concrete batching plant for sale also has the advantages such as compact structure, small area and easy maintenance.

concrete batching plant for sale
ready mix concrete batching plant

● What is the cost of concrete batching plant 1m³ building?

The concrete batching plant capacity main use “m³” as unit of measurement. 1m³ concrete batching plant is a type of small concrete batching plant, the theoretical concrete batching plant capacity is 50m³/h or 60m³/h, and the actual concrete batching plant capacity is around 45m³/h. The 1m³ on site concrete batching plant usually refers to is HZS50 or HZS60 concrete batching plant. They can be set into straight shape and L-shape according to user’s site. Many customers asked us for the cost of concrete batching plant of 1m³, here we will share the approximate concrete batching plant cost range.

The HZS50 concrete batching plant components include: JS1000 concrete mixer, PLC1600 batching machine with three material hopper, water metering system, fly ash metering system, screw conveyor, cement silo, pneumatic control system, automatic computer control system, control room.

The components of HZS60 concrete batching plant are almost the same with HZS50 mini concrete batching plant, but the batching machine is with four material hoppers. The biggest difference between HZS60 and HZS50 small concrete batching plant is the material feeding way. The HZS50 compact concrete batching plant adopts the hopper lifting, so it is a skip hoist type concrete batching plant, and the HZS60 concrete batching plant adopts the belt conveyor for material transportation. The price of belt conveyor way is little higher but not too big difference.

The configuration of 1 cubic meter (1m³) small concrete batching plant for sale can be modified according to customers requirements. The 1m³ concrete batching plant cost main includes the concrete batching plant price, labor cost, land area cost, raw material cost, vehicle cost and daily expenses, etc..

Generally speaking, the 1m³ small concrete batching plant price HZS50 will be around 40,000 to 60,000 dollars in total, and the cost of concrete batching plant HZS60 will be around 55,000 to 75,000 dollars in total. The different configuration (such as the quantity of cement silo for concrete batching plant, the quantity of hoppers for batching machine, the model of mixer, etc.) will cause various concrete batching plant cost. This means the finally concrete batching plant cost is depend on the customer’s requirements of the configuration. And some customers even ask for configuration changes or the customization, and the price will be more higher too.