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HZS90 Stationary concrete batching plant

concrete batching plant

● What is concrete batching plant?

● Concrete batching plant meaning
The concrete batching plant is a mixing equipment that specialized in the automated production of concrete, the main concrete batching plant uses are to mix and transport concrete.

● Concrete batching plant components
The components of concrete batching plant main include: mixer, batching machine, discharging port, control system etc.

● The mixer is the most important concrete batching plant components, it adopts forced mixing and can mix according to the concrete ratio.

● The batching machine main used for the measurement and conveying of the concrete raw materials, the configuration of batching machine can be adjusted according to the different concrete types.

● The discharging port is used to unload the finished concrete mixture into the mix truck for transportation.

● The control system adopts intelligent control, it can adjust the concrete batching plant operation parameters automatically, to ensure the concrete quality and production efficiency.

● Concrete batching plant specification

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Concrete batching plant Model HZS90
theoretical productivity (m³/h) 90m³/h
discharging height (m) 4m
Mixer JS1500
Mixing power 2x30kw
Max. particle size of aggregate (mm) 60/80mm
Batching machine PLD2400
Batching machine hopper quantity 4
Max. cement weighing range (kg) 600kg
Max. water weighing range (kg) 600kg
Max. admixture weighing range (kg) 50kg
Max. aggregate weighing range (kg) 12000kg

● Components of concrete batching plant

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    Control system
    The control system of concrete batching plant provides the storage, recall and modification of cement mixing ratio, convenient for mixing work; it can realize the concrete batching plant automation and greatly improving the production efficiency; it also has a variety of early warning and alarm mechanisms to ensure production quality.

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    Cement screw conveyor
    The continuous spiral blades are made of high-quality and high-strength wear-resistant steel, the pitch error is less than 5mm and the blade surface is smooth, ensuring the uniformity and stability of material transportation, and ensuring the repeatability accuracy of material measurement.

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    Material batching hopper
    The hoppers are made of thickened steel plate, which makes it more durable. It has big volume that can load more materials, and can meet the needs of customers with large output.

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    Belt Conveyor
    The conveyor adopts a high-section truss standard section type frame, it has good rigidity and long service life. The conveying process is in enclosed environment, anti-dust and anti-falling, make it be more environmental. The conveyor is equipped with walking platforms and safety handrails, making maintenance and repair be easy and safe.

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    The mixer models can be selected from JS1000, JS1500 and JS2000 according to customer needs. It adopts the design of three-fold closed shaft end sealing device which can effectively eliminate the slurry leakage; the blades, lining plates and mixing arms are all made of alloy wear-resistant materials which has longer service life; the mixing tank is designed with a large space and low volume ratio, makes mixing be more energy-saving

● Types of concrete batching plant

The stationary concrete batching plant can be divided into single mixer concrete batching plant and double mixer concrete batching plant. Single mixer concrete batching plant equipment means only has one mixer, while the double mixer concrete batching plant machine means has two mixers. Each mixer has one discharge port, so the concrete batching plant capacity of double mixer type is twice of the single mixer type of concrete batching plant. The concrete batching plant capacity is showed in its model name, the model of commonly used stationary concrete batching plant for sale include: HZS25, HZS35, HZS45, HZS50, HZS60, HZS75, HZS90, HZS120, HZS150, HZS180, HZS240, etc.. For example, the HZS25 means the concrete batching plant capacity is 25 cubic meters per hour (25m³/h), and HZS60 means the production capacity of HZS60 concrete batching plant is 65m³/h. The letter “S” shows the mixer is double horizontal shaft model. And if the mixer is single horizontal shaft, will replace the letter “S” with letter “D”, at this time, the model number of concrete batching plant machine will be “HZD25”, “HZD65”, etc..

● Stationary concrete batching plant application

The concrete batching plant is a construction material manufacturing equipment that is composed of mixer, material weighing system, material conveying system, material storage system, control system and other affiliated facilities. The concrete batching plant working principle is to use cement as the cementing material, to mix the sand, gravel, lime, cinder and other raw materials, and finally made into concrete and put into construction as wall materials. The automatic concrete batching plant not only has an excellent mixer, but also has various concrete batching plant components such as screw conveyor, measurement sensor, pneumatic components, etc. With all these components of concrete batching plant, the construction progress is speeded up and the production efficiency also be great improved.

HZS series commercial automatic concrete batching plant adopts the modular rapid assembly structure which is popular in international, equipped with high-performance mixers, double mixers dual-control computer control methods, and has anti-noise and anti-dust pollution environmentally design. This type of concrete batching plant is a new generation of cement concrete mixing equipment. It is usually used as a ready mix concrete batching plant/precast concrete batching plant and is suitable for large-scale infrastructure construction projects such as commercial concrete ready-mixing, roads and bridges, water conservancy, airports, ports and the places that with a large demand for concrete.

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● Mixer for concrete batching plant equipment

The concrete mixer is the main components of concrete batching plant, the commonly modes are JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000, JS3000, and JS4000. They are corresponding to HZS25, HZS35, HZS50, HZS75, HZS90, HZS120, HZS180, HZS240 ready mix concrete batching plant respectively in turn. Some mixier models correspond to two models of concrete batching plant for sale, this means that the one mixer model is suitable for two different concrete batching plant equipment. For example, the JS1000 mixer can meet the demands of both HZS50 and HZS60 concrete batching plant; JS1500 mixer can meet the needs of both HZS75 and HZS90concrete batching plant machine; some types of concrete batching plant are also equipped with two mixer, in this way can greatly improve the concrete batching plant capacity.

● How to choose a concrete batching plant?

The users need to make a choice based on their own project conditions when they are choosing a concrete batching plant, for example, they should consider the scale of the project, the construction period, the quality requirements of the concrete, and so on.

1. The scale of the concrete batching plant is depend on your investment budget. The large scale concrete batching plant price will be higher.

2. Combine the feature of your project to choose corresponding type of concrete batching plant. There are many different types of concrete batching plant, for example, stationary concrete batching plant and mobile concrete batching plant, large and medium size concrete batching plant and mini concrete batching plant, dry mix concrete batching plant and wet concrete batching plant, etc. Base on the concrete batching plant capacity, if the concrete demand is small, you can choose the medium sized or small concrete batching plant which is also convenient for dismantling and moving, if your concrete demand is big, you’d better choose a large concrete batching plant equipment especially the standard ones, to ensure the concrete batching plant capacity and the concrete quality.

3. Consider the land area: Different concrete batching plant capacity require different supporting equipment and land areas. Users have to consider the area required for concrete batching plant to avoid mismatch between the site and the cement concrete batching plant scale.

● What is the concrete batching plant capacity of HZS90?

The standard HZS90 on site concrete batching plant includes: 1 set of JS1500 forced concrete mixer, 1 sets of PLD2400 batching machine with 4 material hopper, 1 sets of cement weighing system, 1 sets of fly ash weighing system, 1 sets of water measurement system, 1 sets of admixture measurement system, 1 sets of admixture mixing tank, 1 sets of aggregate belt conveyor, and material storage hopper, 3 of screw conveyor, 3 of 100L cement silo for concrete batching plant, pneumatic system, electrical system and fully automatic control system.

As we introduced, the number in the concrete batching plant model refers to the concrete batching plant capacity, so the concrete batching plant capacity of HZS90 is 90m³/h, but this is the theoretical output. In the actual concrete batching plant operation, there will be a certain difference between the theoretical concrete batching plant capacity and the actual output. This is because the concrete batching plant capacity may be affected by many factors. For example, different concrete grades, operator proficiency, raw material supply, etc. The actual production capacity of HZS90 is around 70 to 80 cube meters per hour.

● Concrete batching plant operation introduction

● Before concrete batching plant operation
1. Prepare the qualified sand, gravel and aggregate according to the concrete batching plant specification;
2. Check whether the transmission, moving parts, warehouse door, hopper door and track in the ready mixed concrete batching plant are stuck by foreign objects;
3. Check the lubricating oil level height to see whether comply with the regulation;
4. Open the valve to drain the accumulated water in the gas-water separator, and open the drain plug of the air reservoir to release the oil-water mixture;
5. Ensure the wire rope of the lifting bucket is installed correctly and the brake is flexible and effective;
6. All bolts have been tightened, the inlet and discharge valves have no excessive wear, and the conveyor belt has moderate tension and does not deviate;
7. Make sure the weighing equipment is normal and in compliance with regulations;
8. Make sure the electrical equipment can effectively control various tasks of the equipment;

● In concrete batching plant operation
1. During the concrete batching plant operation, people are strictly prohibited to enter the storage area and under the lifting hopper, and it is strictly prohibited to put body parts into the hopper and mixing barrel;
2. When the dragline is stuck, please don’t pull by force, and it is not allowed to lift heavy objects with the dragline. During the process of pulling materials, it is not allowed to reverse the operation;
3. When the mixer is operating at full load, it can not be shut down. If there is a malfunction or power outage, should cut off the power supply immediately, lock the switch case, remove the concrete in the mixing barrel, and then troubleshoot or wait for the restore of power supply;
4. Overloading is not allowed. Keep checking the working status of the motor. If there is abnormal sound or the temperature rises, the machine should be stopped in time for inspection.

● After concrete batching plant operation
1. Before stopping the machine, should discharge all the material and finished cement from the concrete batching plant equipment, and then close the switches and pipelines in turn.
2. After stop the machine, clean all the concrete batching plant parts and ensure the weighing system safely;
3. In winter, please drain the water in the water pump, additive pump, water tank and additive tank, and start the water pump and additive pump to work for 1-2 minutes.