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Tube bending machine for sale

Model 75NC- DW    3 inch steel tube bending machine sb 75nc price: 8000 dollars

Tube bending machine for sale75NC- DW can bend tubes with a maximum diameter of 80mm(carbon steel). This tube bending machine for sale can be used to process furniture, car bumpers, protective barriers, etc.

tube bending machine for sale
quality 3inch steel tube bending machine sb 75nc
3inch steel tube bending machine sb 75nc free sample
tube bending machine adalah

● Stainless steel tube bending machine features

  • Oil cylinder

    1. The Oil cylinder of hydraulic tube bending machine provides strong bending power, the bening accuracy is high, the bending speed is fast, and the production capacity is high.

  • foot switch

    2. The foot switch has the function to fire the machine, stop the machine, and return the machine to operation. The operation is safer.

  • tube bending machine with mandrel

    3. As a professional cnc tube bending machine manufacturers, Yansumi Machinery can customize dies according to different production needs. Tube bending machine with mandrel can support the tube of the inner wall to prevent deformation during bending

  • metal tube bending machine motor

    4. Metal tube bending machine DW- 75NC uses a 2020 HP motor, it has a bending power and bending effects are good.

● Tube bending machine for sale specifications

freeform tube bending machine
Modelo 75NC-DW
Bending tube diameter×wall thickness 80x4mm
Maximum bending radius R500
Minimum bending radius R≥1.5D/td>
Maximum bending angle 190°
Standard mandrel pulling length 2300mm
Tank volume 150L
Overall dimension machine 4410*1070*1430mm
Machine weight 3500kg

● Tube bending machine components

dobladora de tubos conduit emt

● Transportation & after-sale service

Yansumi Machinery is one of the professional tube bending machine manufacturers in China. Our pipe tube bending machine has been sold to different China factories. Additionally, our automated tube bending machine has been exported all over the world, such as tube bending machine Italy,Bangalore,Turkey,India,UAE,NZ,Taiwan,UK,Peru, Mexico,Colombia, etc.

Our tube bending machine cnc equipment industrial computers and servo motors and improve the bending accuracy and production speed. One unit metal pipe tube bending machine can bend different materials of tubes. It can be used as a copper tube bending machine,aluminum tube bending machine, and stainless steel tube bending machine and meet different bending needs.

In addition to offering tube bending machine for sale service and used tube bending machine for sale service, we also provide consulting services, technical services, and tube bending machine customization services. Our consulting team has rich Industry knowledge and experience and we are able to provide professional suggestions about pipe processing technology, equipment selection, application fields, etc. Whether you're choosing between NC tube bending machine or CNC tube bending machine China models or facing technical challenges in the manufacturing process, we can offer comprehensive support and assistance. On the other hand, our technology team can provide the support of tube bending machine installation, commissioning, and maintenance to ensure efficient processing. We provide tube bending machine customization for some special requirements. According to the specific requirements and application scenarios, we are able to customize the ss tube bending machine to meet the requirements of customers’ needs. Through these additional services, we are committed to providing customers with comprehensive support and solutions, enabling them to fully leverage the advantages of tube bending CNC machine and maximize production efficiency.

We have long-term cooperation with freight forwarders and efficient, safe, and economical freight services for customers.

pipe tube bending machine
tube bending cnc machine
tube bending machine with mandrel

● Automatic hydraulic tube bending machine application

Our tube bending machine for sale has wide applications and one unit machine can be used in different industries. For example, the boiler tube bending machine can process the boiler tube, the brake tube bending machine can process the brake tube, the evaporator tube bending machine can process the evaporator tube, the heat exchanger tube bending machine can process the heat exchanger tube. This bending equipment can improve the economic benefits and achieve the effect of one machine with multiple uses.

The bending process of cnc tube bending machine can improve the bending accuracy and effectiveness, and reduce the save labor and time costs. On the other hand, the CNC steel tube bending machine can adjust the dies and parameters according to different shapes and sizes. This greatly expands its range of applications, making it an indispensable tool in many industries.

We are committed to promoting and providing high-quality tube bending machine to meet the bending process requirements in different industries.

cnc tube bending machine
tube bending machine for sale


What are the bending processes of tube bending machine?

The standard dies of 3inch steel tube bending machine sb 75nc include bending die, pressure die, clamping die, mandrel and wiper die (sometimes it’s not necessary the use of wiper die).

D(Tube outer diameter),t(Tube wall thickness),R(Bending radius)
The easy and hard process of the tubes depends on the tube outer diameter and tube wall thickness. The smaller the wall thickness and bending radius of the pipe, the process will be more difficult. So, we select relative wall thickness, and relative bending radius as bending parameters.
Relative wall thickness: tx=t/D
Relative bending radius: Rx=R/D
If the Rx>3D and tx>0.04, we can choose the standard dies. If the Rx< 3D, tx< 0.04D, the round tube bending machine needs to add the mandrel and wiper die to ensure the bending effects.
3inch steel tube bending machine sb-75nc adopts the winding bending. The principle is rotating the bending die to bending tubes and it can add mandrel and wiper die to improve the bending effects. So, the bending effect is good.

3 roller tube bending machine adopts the roll bending. The principle is to bend the profile through a rolling bending die. This process has a limit for tube sizes. It is suitable for small-diameter pipe fittings and relatively high material requirements.

The top bending process has limitations on the tube material specifications and pipe length, and the bending parameters, such as bending angles, bending radius, and rotation angle, cannot be changed. Therefore, this bending process has the advantages of high stability and efficiency, making it suitable for the mass production of small-diameter tubes. However, if adjustments to the product structure are needed, the transfluid tube bending machine cannot be used. The top bending process has a high requirement for product development maturity.

Precautions for the use of stainless steel tube bending machine

With the development of the CNC machine tool industry, the advanced tube bending CNC machine can improve production effectiveness, bending quality, and bending accuracy. But it should be noted that stainless steel tube bending machine is more sensitive to process parameters, so adequate preliminary preparation and trial production work is very important. For stainless steel with a thin wall, if the bending parameters are not right, resulting in wrinkles or damage. So, Yansumi Machinery provides the following solutions according to years of production experience.
1. Accurately install the bending die, pressure die, clamping die, mandrel and wiper die, then input the bending angles.
2. The clamping die fixes the tubes, the tube and rotates with the bending die to finish the bending process, it can improve the bending accuracy.
3. If the die is not properly installed, it is prone to wrinkling, resulting in the scrapping of the tubes.
4. The mandrel position is very important. If the wrinkling is at the anterior tangent point, the position of the mandrel should be adjusted forward to support the tubes. If the wrinkling is at the back tangent point, the wiper die should be installed.


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