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Block molding machine

Model: QTY10-15 brick molding machine
Block molding machine price: 17500 USD

block molding machine

The block molding machine adopts the hydraulic system as the power to make bricks, so it is also called hydraulic cement brick making machine. The molding methods and drive of the hydraulic cement brick making machine are different from the vibrating brick making machine. The vibrating brick making machine adopts the vibration forming, but the hydraulic cement brick making machine adopts the pressure molding, the bricks making actions is more stable. The concrete block molding machine uses cement, stone, fly ash, coal gangue, steel slag, sand, and volcanic scoria as raw materials to make bricks.

The cement block molding machine has the advantage of high production effectiveness, good production effect, no noise pollution, and good stability. Therefore, it is also called static brick making machine.

◆ Cement block molding machine advantages

1. The molding block machine can use various materials to make bricks, such as fly ash waste, industrial tailings, river sand, construction waste, etc. It can achieve the recycling of waste resources. So, the low brick making machine cost can help customers to get great economic benefits.
2. The concrete brick molding machine adopts the plc control system. It has the features of high technological content and a high degree of automation. Improve the production effectiveness and reduce the molding time.
3. The brick molding machine has a high automatic degree to achieve the automatic feed, automatic production, and automatic palletizing, reducing the amount of labor and working time.
4. The molds of the brick molding machine for sale can be changed at any time to produce various specification bricks, such as standard bricks, hollow bricks, blind hole bricks, porous bricks, grass-planted bricks, square bricks, etc.
5. The finished bricks produced by the china block molding machine have High density and hardness. It can directly use the stacker cranes to clamp and stack and without the pallet.

◆ Brick molding machine production line

Product name Quantity
QTY10-15 hydraform brick making machine 1
Computer console 1
Board feeding machine 1
Feeding machine 1
Hydraulic station 1
Lift plate machine 1
JS750 brick mixer machine 1
Belt conveyor 1
Accessories and tools 1
Brick making machine moulds 1

◆ Brick molding machine for sale parameters

automatic cement brick making machine
Molding cycle 15-20s
Molding area 1050x900mm
Machine power 45.38kw
Total power 100KVA(w)
Weight 13.5T
Installed capacity 100KVA
Size 7380x2100x3090mm
Maximum pressure 31.5mpa(KN)
Vibration frequency 3800-4500/min)
Factory area 500m2
Pallet size 1100x950x25mm
automatic cement brick making machine

◆ Concrete brick making machine applications

The concrete brick making machine is a brick making equipment with a high degree of automation. It adopts the PLC control system to control the automatic production, so, the production process can be completed without manual operation. The cement brick making machine for sale adopts the hydraulic transmission system to reduce the noise during working. The cement brick making machine for sale has various models and outputs and it can conjunction with other auxiliary equipment to make up a production line.

Because the concrete brick making machine for sale has a good design, the brick making machine moulds are in the middle of the machine. So, it can be changed at any time to produce bricks with different shapes and specifications. The ability to change the brick making machine moulds achieve multiple functions in one machine and reduce the investment cost.

The chinese brick making machine can produce various types and specification bricks, such as hollow bricks, solid bricks, blind hole bricks, square bricks, road paving bricks, etc. The small cement brick making machine adopts mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic integration technology to ensure the bricks of various sizes and specifications are consistent. Therefore, this machine has high stability and Low scrap rate.This auto brick making machine is suited for house construction, municipal engineering, bridge construction, etc. If you want to buy brick making machine, please contact YANUSMI MACHINERY, We can provide you with theplans for brick making machine.

pavement brick making machine
pavement brick making machine

◆ What is hydraulic brick making machine?

The hydraulic press brick making machine uses the hydraulic to drive, it uses the column frame structure and has good rigidity and high strength. The fully enclosed oil bath transmission system ensures smooth operation. The hydraulic uni brick making machine has the advantages of a compact structure, easy operation, small size, and easy movement. In addition, the YANSUMI MACHINERY also offers competitive hydraulic brick making machine price for customers. Our products have wide applications in various commercial and civil buildings.

brick pavers making machine

● Block molding machine composition

1. Mainframe
The mainframe is one of the important components of a hydraulic cement brick making machine. The mainframe consists of the hydraulic cylinder, frame, matching mold frame, mold, punch head, etc. The body is made of steel castings to improve the stability. So, the concrete block molding machine has a long service life.

2. Hydraulic station
The hydraulic station is the most important component of the hydraulic brick making machine. The hydraulic station consists of the hydraulic valves, motors, oil pipes, etc. Highly centralized hydraulic valve configuration ensures continuous equipment operation and improved efficiency.

3. Electrical console
The electrical console consists of the power distribution cabinet and hydraulic control system. The cement block molding machine can achieve automatic production, and the production parameters can be adjusted according to the actual production by the displayable text controller. The operation is easy and fast.

4. Conveying device
The function of the conveying device is to convey the finished bricks. After the raw materials are made into bricks, the conveying device uses the force of the push pull cylinder to push the bricks into the belt conveyor. And then,the robot automatically starts the stacking process. It can effectively improve work efficiency and output.

● Automatic brick making machine working principle

The working principle of the automatic brick making machine for sale is to use the hydraulic system to make bricks. The hydraulic cylinder is the most important part of the cement brick making machine china. It can convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy to make bricks. The hydraulic pump delivers high-speed and high-pressure hydraulic oil to hydraulic pipelines and hydraulic cylinders to get power. Other hydraulic components with hydraulic cylinder work together to ensure the equipment operates stably.

modern brick making machine

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