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What are tube bending machines

The tube bending machine is a effective and accurate equipment for bending metal tubes. The tube bending machine design is very scientific and advanced, put the tubes into suitable dies and bend tubes according to the set power and speed to achieve bending shapes and angles.

The tube bending machine is able to meet the bending requirements of various industries, such as various curves, angles, radii, etc. In addition, it can ensure the bending quality and accuracy, and the bending tubes can reach the installation and use standard. The automatic tube bending machine is one of the indispensable and important tools in modern industrial production.

● Automatic tube bending machine working principle

The automatic tube bending machine consists the oil tank, hydraulic pump, electrical circuits, and pipe bending devices. During the tube bending process, first, put the tubes into the bending devices and adjust the bending parameters, such as bending angles, bending radius, etc. Secondly, the motor drives the hydraulic pump, and the hydraulic pump transport the hydraulic oil to the oil cylinder. When the hydraulic pressure oil enters the cylinder, it pushes the piston to move outward, causing the bending device to also move outward, thereby achieving the bending of the tube. The automatic hydraulic tube bending machine usually has multiple oil cylinders to achieve the complex tube bending on time. The pressure and flow of the hydraulic system can be controlled by the microcomputer control system to accurately control the bending shapes and bending angles to achieve an accurate process. tube bending machine

● Bending tube machine types

1. Manual tube bending machine:
The hand tube bending machine needs the operation of the worker to finish the bending process, it is suited for the bending process of small batches or simple shapes. The manual tube bending machine has the advantage of an easy structure, low price, easy operation, and maintenance.

2. Nc tube bending machine:
The nc tube bending machine is also called hydraulic tube bending machine, extra add the hydraulic system on the basis of manual operation to provide the stable and precise bending process. The hydraulic tube bending machine price is middle and it can meet the automatic process requirements of Medium batches and complex shaped tubes.

3.Cnc tube bending machine:
The cnc tube bending machine is also called the digital tube bending machine and it is a highly automated process equipment. The equipment the plc control system and sensor can achieve the high accuracy and large batch process of the bending tubes. So, the CNC tube bending machine price is relatively high. The CNC tube bending machine has the highly economic benefits and reduces labor costs and time costs.

We can choose the suitable advanced pipe tube bending machine types according to the actual needs and the complexity of bending processing, we should strictly follow the tube bending machine safety operation and requirement to ensure the safe process and bending quality.

● Square tube bending machine advantages:

1. High precision
The square tube bending machine for sale adopts the precision hydraulic system and control system to achieve the precision bending process of the tubes. The bending angles can be the same for every process and meet the requirements of the precision process.

2. High effective
The aluminium square tube bending machine has the ability of fast bending and highly effective production. It can improve the process speed, and production efficiency and reduce the labor cost by automatic operation.

3. High flexibility
The bending machine for square tube can equip bending dies of various sizes and shapes according to different needs. It can meet different needs of different industries and application areas.

4. Save manpower and material resources
The cnc square tube bending machine compared with traditional manual square tube bending machine and electric tube bending machine, cnc square tube bending machine can reduce labor input and improve processing efficiency. It is controlled by a microcomputer system to reduce labor cost and production costs.

So, the square tube bending machine is indispensable equipment in the field of tube processing and has the advantages of high precision, high effectiveness, high flexibility, and saving manpower and material resources. It can meet the requirements of precision angles and shapes of the bending process to improve production effectiveness and reduce production costs.

● What is tube bending machine used for?

The tube bending machineis an important equipment and it can bend metal tubes. The best tube bending machine has the advantages of high precision, high effectiveness, easy operation, and wide application. The tube bending machine maintenance is also easy, so, it is widely used in automobile, machinery, electric power, construction, and other industries.
1. Construction industries: The aluminium tube bending machine is widely used in the construction industries, such as stair handrails, railings, and guardrails. in addition, the aluminium tube bending machine can process the tubes of the air conditioning system, water supply, and drainage system.

2. Automobile industries: The production of car exhaust tube need high precision and the CNC aluminium tube bending machine can meet the bending requirements of the angles and radius for the car exhaust. In addition, it also can process the automobile chassis structure, valve system, etc.

3. Chemical Industry: The transport tube of the chemical Industry has a high quality and precision process requirement and the rectangular tube bending machine can able to meet these requirements. The rectangular tube bending machine can process the tubes in storage tanks and reactors in the chemical industry.

4. Aerospace and shipbuilding industry: The 3d tube bending machine can process hydraulic tubes, fuel tubes, and oxygen tubes in the production of aircraft, rockets and ships. The bending quality is high.

The tube bending machine has a wide application in different industries and the requirements of the tube shapes and materials are different. So the configuration and parameters of tube bending machine are also different. We need to choose the machine according to actual the production requirement. The following is a detailed introduction to the models of nc tube bending machine and processing products.

The types of the tube bending machine are distinguished according to the outer diameter of the tube. For example, the DW38NC hydraulic tube bending machine can bend carbon steel tubes with a maximum diameter of 38MM. For the stainless steel tubes, we should choose the large metal tube bending machine. We should choose the model according to the usage environment, in this way, we can get the precision bending tube machine and pipe tube bending machine price, reduce the tube bending machine cost of purchase.

In the furniture manufacturing industry, we can use the small diameter tube bending machine to process. The small tube bending machine of the DW38NC and DW50NC are very suitable for the furniture manufacturing industry. If you need to process the U-shaped bend, you better choose the SW38NC double head tube bending machine, it can process one time and ensure efficient production and bending quality.

draw tube bending machine

In heavy industries such as the boiler industry or shipbuilding industry, the requirements of the pipe and tube bending machine are different. The tubes of walls are thick and generally with a large diameter in heavy industries, so, the model of the automatic hydraulic tube bending machine should be large. The large tube bending machine includes the DW114NC, DW160NC, and quality hydraulic tube bending machine sb 130nc. The big tube bending machine adopts cold roll forming and has high production effectiveness.

hydraulic tube bending machine sb 130nc

As for car parts, most of the bending diameter is 50mm to 70mm, and the DW50NC tube bending machine and DW-89NC metal tube bending machine are a better choice. The tubes in the car parts have high bending requirements, so we usually recommend the tube bending CNC pipe bending machine of the same model to automatically bend multiple elbows. The precision tube bending machine can improve production effectiveness and bending precision.

● Automated tube bending machine operating procedure

1. Preparation: Check whether the cnc copper tube bending machine is normal work, whether the tube bending machine parts are installed firmly, and then install the dies. The installation of the dies should according to the tube size, bending angles, and bending radius. After installing the die, turn on the power and start the no-load test operation.

2. Put the tubes: Put the tubes into the automated tube bending machine and adjust the position of the tubes. After installation, clamp both ends of the tubes to the clamp die.

3. Set the parameter: Input the bending angles and angles into the cnc small tube bending machine. During bending tubes, check whether the bending parameter is suitable. If any abnormality occurs, stop the machine immediately and adjust.

4. Take out the tubes: After finishing the bending, take out the tubes from the clamp die. Be careful to take it with care to avoid deformation or damage. Check the quality of tubes and confirm whether they meet the specifications after take out.

5. Clean: Clean the automated tube bending machine is an important step. First, turn off the power and remove the bending dies. Clean the chips, dust, and oil on the tube roller bending machine.

The above content is a general operating procedure of the automated tube bending machine, but in the actual application, the operating procedure is different because of the actual situations. So, during using the automated tube bending machine, the operating procedure should be flexibly adjusted according to the actual situation to ensure safe operation. In addition, we should choose the suitable operation method and parameter according to different models and specifications to improve the bending effectiveness and service life.

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