The common deficiencies and solutions of pipe bender

The cnc mandrel tube bender is widely used to produce the exhaust pipe of automobile, ship and other machinery. The cnc tube bender manufacturers not only provide you with cnc tube benders for sale, but also point out some problems that are easy to occur when using the machine, and give some solutions to solve it.

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(1)The outside of pipe arc is severely flattened

To select appropriate mandrel (flexible mandrel assembled with multi-section mandrel can be used if necessary) and installed correctly. When installing the die, the axis of each part of the pipe groove should be on the same horizontal plane.

(2)The arc outer wall is thinning

Use the pipe bender with a push device at the side or a push device at the rear to avoid excessive thinning of the wall pipe. The cnc mandrel tube bender can offset some resistance in the bending process by boosting or pushing. This can improve the stress distribution on the cross section of the pipe, and make the neutral layer move outward, so as to reduce the thinning of the outer wall of the pipe.

(3)The bending crack on the outside of the arc

First to ensure the pipe has a good heat treatment status and check whether the pressure of clamping die is too large, adjust to the proper pressure. Keep good lubrication between the mandrel and the pipe wall so that can reduce the resistance of pipe bender and the friction between pipe inner wall and mandrel.

(4)Wrinkle inside the arc

Take corresponding measures according to the wrinkling position. If the front cutting point is wrinkled, adjust the mandrel position forward to support the pipe reasonable when using the machine; if the rear cutting point is wrinkled, install the anti-wrinkle die in the proper position and adjust the compression force properly. The arc is full of wrinkles means that the diameter of mandrel used is too small and the gap between the mandrel and pipe wall is large. Or means that the compression force is too small, the pipe cannot have good coordination with the bending die and anti-wrinkle block of the cnc mandrel tube bender. So there is important to replace the mandrel and adjust the die properly.

(5)The bending rebound phenomenon

Take the compensation method and correction method to control. The compensation method is to comprehensive analysis the influencing factors of bending rebound and pre-test rebound according to the various conditions and rebound trend during bending. And correct the size and geometry of the working part of the male and female dies when designing and manufacturing. This can correct bending

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The correction method is to take measures on the mold structure and concentrate the correction force at the corner. This can change the stress state and eliminate elastic deformation to overcome rebound. For example, take pulling force to make the whole section under the action of stress when bending the pipe. The elastic recovery and deformation direction are consistent after completion, which can reduce the rebound dramatically.

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