The safety operation rules of cnc pipe bending machine

When operating CNC pipe bender, the operator must strict compliance with the safety operation rules to prevent safety accident. We are one of the cnc pipe bending machine manufacturers in China with best reputation. We remind our customers to attention the following rules during the manufacturing process:

cnc tube and pipe bender
  1. The operator must be trained by the safe operation procedures of pipe bender, and be familiar with the machine structure, function, principle, routine maintenance and programming, and passed the exam before work.
  2. Everyone is forbidden to close the bend stroke range when the machine is running. In addition, the protective warning signs should be set within the range of bending. When prying pipe, the operator should stand firmly to prevent the pipe slipping and be injured by the pry bar. And the operator can only stand outside the range of bend.
  3. Check the workplace and remove all sundries that hinder work and traffic. There must be no oil on the ground to avoid slipping. Stack the workpieces in order to prevent personal injury due to collapse.
  4. Adjust the required position and angle of the parts.
  5. Check whether the protective device on the pipe bender is good. If the installation is incorrect, driving is not allowed. The medium frequency pipe bender should have good grounding and electrical insulation, and the voltage shall be stable.
  6. Start the oil pump and check whether the system pressure is keep at the specified range. If the pressure is too high, the hydraulic components will be damaged and the power will be wasted. If the pressure is too low, the work efficiency will be affected.
  7. Adjust the vertical lifting guide rail; put the guide die forward to press the air cylinder and clamping the iron pipe.
  8. Normal operation: put the workpiece into bending die; contact the positioning front and press the foot switch to complete.
  9. Check whether the mechanical operation is normal and whether the electrical switch is good during no-load test run. Work can only be started if everything is normal after inspection.
  10. Before running the 3 axis cnc pipe bending machine, check whether each lubrication points are short of oil, whether the motion mechanism is loose and whether the safety protection device is reliable. Work can only be started if everything is normal after confirmation.
  11. The two workers should have close cooperation and good coordination. One of the persons should be appointed to operate the switch. Don’t talk and laugh with others when operating the machine, to avoid mistakes.
  12. The operator cannot leave when the machine started.
  13. Stay focus when bend over. Don’t put your hands and any objects in the work area. In case of emergency, press the emergency stop button and turn the switch to the manual position, to reset the machine manually. Apply to repair if the machine has any problem.

If you want to know more about safety precautions before operation or after operation of cnc tube and pipe bender, you can click the safety operation rules of cnc pipe bending machine or contact with us. We are very happy to provide you with information about the pipe bender.

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